Oliver Machinery - Table Saws

Oliver Machinery has a long tradition of innovation. Ever since the turn of the century when Oliver introduced the round cutterhead, they have been consistently improving and modernizing their machines to give the user the best product.

In the spirit of American ingenuity, Oliver machines improve on existing technology by utilizing features such as carbide helical cutterheads, spiral cutterheads, computerized controls and sensors, segmented infeed rollers, and advanced safety features.

Need a new machine, or parts or tooling for an existing machine?

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Oliver 4016-10 inch TAS.jpg Table Saw

Oliver 4045-12inch TAS PRO Table Saw

Oliver 4060-16 inch TAS PRO Table Saw

Oliver Robland E2800 Sliding Table Saw

Oliver Robland Z3200.JPG Sliding Table Saw

Oliver Robland NZ3200 Sliding Table Saw