Our expertise is in improving high volume production drilling and tapping operations.   We offer our Multiple-Spindle Heads for these purposes. Autodrill offers complete units with motor and auto feed. Multiple drilling heads for Drill press attachment or Vertical Milling machine attachment will reduce your cost and increase your production. Multi-spindle heads are designed for use with most drilling machinery. They can, almost immediately, double or triple your drilling operations by simultaneously drilling countersinking, reaming or tapping two or more holes in one operation.Multi-spindle drill heads have proved to be the most versatile method to drill and/or tap close spaced holes.

Adjustable multi-spindle drilling heads can convert an unproductive single spindle drilling machine to a versatile multi-drill machine.

Both adjustable and fixed style multi-spindle drill heads with adapters to fit manual, automatic and fixture type drilling equipment are available. These multi-spindle drill heads are high quality and priced to be affordable.

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Self Feed Automatic Drills
Self feeding with air or oil
Spindle Speeds up to 8000 RPM

Candle Drill

Auto Drill
Guided Rod Multiple Spindle Drilling Fixture



Here is a typical multiple spindle Drill Press attachment.

This multi drill head has 7 spindles and will drill up to 22" wide!