COMEQ Inc. has been in business since 1930 providing high-quality, efficient and world-renowned machinery at affordable prices. The PLANET series of bending machines combine a solid frame with the most updated technological innovation, so they can respond to the highest productivity standards and most stringed tolerances in working precision.

The PLANET section bending machines design combines a solid frame with the most updated technological innovation to respond to projects of any need.

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Main Technical Features
  • Universal Double Pinch Type Hydraulic Section Bending Machines with capacities from 1.5 to 6000 cubic cm.
  • Three Driven Rolls
  • Six-Directional Operated Guide Rolls
  • All welded steel frame
  • Automatic Speed Compension between top and lower rolls

Complete Set of Standard Rolls

All machines are equipped with a complete set of rolls for bending all standard sections.

  • Angle Iron, leg in and leg out
  • T-Bar, leg-out, leg-in, and vertical
  • Square Bar
  • Flat Bar, On-Flat and On-Edge
  • Rectangular and Square Tube
  • I and H Beams (y-y axis)
  • Channels (leg in and out, y-y axis)

HTT High Transmitted Torque

Starting with model PLANET 20 the roll drive is fully hydraulically operated by 3 low speed hydraulic motors and 3 planetary reduction gears.

The three motors are specially interconnected in order to obtain the best speed compensation and distribution of the couple on each roll during the bending operation.

No maintainence is required since the planetary reduction gears are permanently oil lubricated!