The heritage of the iconic Dake cast iron, steam engine lives on in the Dake products for the 21st century. Wherever people use their hands to work with metal, there is a need for a Dake product. The families at Dake, both past and present, appreciate the unique opportunity to work with the good people who use Dake products to write more chapters to the Dake story.

Need a new machine, or parts or tooling for an existing machine?

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Dake 1-1/2B Arbor Press

Dake 4M Arbor Press

Dake 2B Arbor Press

Dake 5 Arbor Press

Dake 50H Hydraulic Press

Dake 6-650 Hydraulic Press

Dake 5-200 Hydraulic Press

Dake 8-150 Hydraulic Press

Dake 42-501 Hydraulic Press

Dake 42-503 Hydraulic Press

Dake Force 10M Hydraulic Press

Dake Force 10DA Hydraulic Press

Dake Force 50DA Hydraulic Press

Dake Force 100 Hydraulic Press

Dake Force 200 Hydraulic Press

Dake SB-16 Drill Press

Dake SB-25 Drill Press

Dake SB-32 Drill Press

Dake H100 Power Hammer

Dake SE712 Horizontal Band Saw

Dake SE912 Horizontal Band Saw

Dake JH10W1 Horizontal Band Saw

Dake JH10W3 Horizontal Band Saw

Dake ZIP 22 Horizontal Band Saw

Dake ZIP 29 Horizontal Band Saw

Dake TRAD301 Horizontal Band Saw

Dake SAR 331 SA Horizontal Band Saw

Dake SAR 440 SA Horizontal Band Saw

Dake LE10A Horizontal Band Saw

Dake LE13A Horizontal Band Saw

Dake 14-10 Vertical Band Saw

Dake TRADEMASTER Vertical Band Saw

Dake SXC Vertical Band Saw

Dake F16 Vertical Band Saw

Dake V-24 Vertical Band Saw

Dake V-40 Vertical Band Saw

Dake CUT 250 Cold Saw

Dake SUPER CUT 315 Cold Saw

Dake TECHNICS 350CE Cold Saw

Dake TECHNICS 350SA Cold Saw

Dake TECHNICS 350A Cold Saw

Dake EUROMATIC 370S Cold Saw

Dake EUROMATIC 370S-L Cold Saw

Dake EUROMATIC 370PP Cold Saw

Dake EUROMATIC 370PP-L Cold Saw

Dake 44-226 Laboratory Press

Dake 44-251 Laboratory Press

Dake FS120 Automatic Feeder

Dake DS120 Automatic Feeder

Dake DA120 Automatic Feeder

Dake CT120 Automatic Feeder