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Since 1909 Diehl Machines has been a pioneer in the design and development of machinery and tooling for the woodworking industry. Beginning with its development of the first straight line rip saw, the first tapeless veneer splicer and the first high speed moulder, Diehl has and continues to be an innovative leader. Our expertise also includes automatic turning lathes, roll feed gang rip saws, multi-function wood tooling and wood tool grinding equipment.

Diehl Rip Saws use a unique undercutting principle that allows for an unparalleled quality of cut. By integrating the saw spindle assembly into the frame in a fixed lower position, the system achieves greater stability and spindle integrity. Diehl’s unique chain tracking design (left photo) provides the ability to selectively create a hollow cut in the stock for greater glueing integrity. This is particularly important for panel producers where perfect glue lines are essential. These features and many more are features only found on Diehl Rip Saws. Take a look at our selection of Rip Saws below.

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Diehl SL-30 Rip Saw

Diehl SL-35 Rip Saw

Diehl SL-65 Rip Saw

Diehl MR-90 Rip Saw