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Dreis & Krump began servicing the metalworking industry in 1899, offering a hand forming brake made of wood. The hand brake evolved into a line of forming machinery known as 'Chicago Steel Bending Brakes'. The company boasted that "the construction is of steel throughout". Many things have changed since 1899, but Dreis & Krump has never wavered from supplying quality products to the metalworking industry. Today, Dreis & Krump continues to supply quality machines such as hydraulic press brakes and hydraulic shears. The hydraulic powered leaf brake and power notcher have become an affordable addition to fabrication shops.

Whether you need a heavy duty plate shear for that really big job, or a sheet metal shear for medium duty work - Dreis & Krump has got you covered. Now you can get your choice of the best hydraulic shears on the market, hydraulically driven for quiet, dependable operation and increased productivity, at a price you can easily afford.

Need a new machine, or parts or tooling for an existing machine?

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Dreis & Krump HS-414 Hydraulic Shear

Dreis & Krump HS-510 Hydraulic Shear

Dreis & Krump HS-2565 Hydraulic Shear

Dreis & Krump HS-4195 Hydraulic Shear

Dreis & Krump EHS-2595 Hydraulic Shear

Dreis & Krump EHS-3195 Hydraulic Shear