DualDraw - Down Draft Tables

DualDraw was founded to help people breathe easier.  We continue to accomplish this objective through the manufacture and service of high-quality air filtration products for both industrial and homeland security use.  Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States, our downdraft tables, downdraft booths, and other specialized air filtration equipment are used across the globe to protect operators, eliminate cross contamination, and serve other various safety and air quality needs.

Our patented downdraft tables, downdraft booths, walk-in clean air stations, stand alone filter systems, and other indoor air filtration solutions help numerous organizations both domestically and internationally. The DualDraw signature self-contained downdraft tables and booths are designed with a patented perforated work surface and vented back stop to capture dust or fumes. The filtration systems on each downdraft table and booth are configured based on the application and include but are not limited to panel filtration for fumes, bag filtration for dust, HEPA filtration, water filtration, and self-cleaning cartridge filtration.

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DualDraw BG30 Down Draft Table

DualDraw TB30 Down Draft Table

DualDraw FT30 Down Draft Table