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Edwards Manufacturing Company is a family-owned business specializing in steel fabrication equipment since 1875. We lead the industry with our full line of high quality, low maintenance hydraulic Ironworkers that punch, notch, shear and brake steel plate, bar-stock and angle in a wide range of sizes to meet your needs. We support our Ironworker line with innovative hydraulic accessories and versatile tooling to fabricate rod, square stock, sheet metal and pipe. Our Ironworkers, Hydraulic Accessory Tools and Tooling Accessories are proudly MADE IN AMERICA with the highest quality American parts and materials. Our continual innovation, impeccable quality and competitive pricing speaks to the power of American manufacturing.

Edwards Ironworkers are proudly Made in America and are built to the most stringent National and International standards. All Ironworker controls are designed, constructed and certified to ETL and UL and CE requirements as well as being tested by third party verification to National ANSI B11.5 Standards for Ironworker Safety.

With 12 Ironworkers and hundreds of tooling and electrical configurations to choose from, Edwards Ironworkers can help you excel in any fabrication task. From heavy steel building components to delicate ornamental iron work, Edwards has the right machine and support to get your work done.

Need a new machine, or parts or tooling for an existing machine?

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Edwards ELITE-68 Hydraulic Iron Worker

Edwards ELITE-110 Hydraulic Iron Worker

Edwards ELITE-110-65 Hydraulic Iron Worker

Edwards 25-TON Hydraulic Iron Worker

Edwards 40-TON Hydraulic Iron Worker

Edwards 50-TON Hydraulic Iron Worker

Edwards 60-TON Hydraulic Iron Worker

Edwards 65-TON Hydraulic Iron Worker

Edwards 75-TON Hydraulic Iron Worker

Edwards 100-TON-DELUXE Hydraulic Iron Worker

Edwards 120-TON Hydraulic Iron Worker