Flagler - Pittsburgh Machines and HVAC

The Flagler Corporation has been engineering and manufacturing roll forming machinery since 1949.  Along with a complete line of standard equipment for the HVAC and the Metal Construction Industries, Flagler also builds special lines for customer specific applications.

Flagler offers a complete line of HVAC machinery: Pittsburgh Machines, Flanging Machines, Duct Flange Machines, Collar Machines, Button Lock Machines, Cleat Machines, Slitters, Beaders, and more. From more economical models like the Flagler 24 Junior Pittsburgh machine, perfect for smaller shops and projects, to the big ones like a Flagler Model 1" Standing S Cleat Machine that can handle almost any job, Flagler has you covered. And if you need a custom machine for your HVAC or sheetmetal shop? Flagler can do it - just tell just what you need, and we'll quote you a great Flagler machine.

Need a new machine, or parts or tooling for an existing machine?

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Flagler 24 Junior Pittsburgh Machine

Flagler 22 Portable Pittsburgh Machine

Flagler 20 Standard Pittsburgh Machine

Flagler 20 High Speed Pittsburgh Machine

Flagler 20-HS7 Pittsburgh Machine

Flagler 18-HD Pittsburgh Machine

Flagler 16-HD Pittsburgh Machine

Flagler H-2 1/2-7 Pittsburgh Machine

Flagler H-2 1/2-10 Pittsburgh Machine

Flagler H-257 Pittsburgh Machine

Flagler H-2510 Pittsburgh Machine

Flagler HS-20 Button Lock

Flagler HSQ Cleat Machine

Flagler S Cleat Machine

Flagler Mini Cleat Machine

Flagler DC Cleat Machine

Flagler 1-S Cleat Machine

Flagler EC-30 Cleat Machine

Flagler EC-36 Cleat Machine

Flagler AC-24 Cleat Machine

Flagler AC-30 Cleat Machine