Hossfeld - Tube and Pipe Benders

We have been manufacturing and distributing HOSSFELD UNIVERSAL® Benders since 1922.

The result of more than eighty years of progressive development and manufacture, HOSSFELD UNIVERSAL® Benders have become the favorites of Iron Benders, because they are completely versatile, and set-up can be made quickly and easily without tools. They have a wide range of capacity, and are simple, rugged machines that stand years of use.

ORIGINAL HOSSFELD UNIVERSAL® Benders have stood the test of time. These rugged and versatile benders are the favorites of job shops, weld shops, maintenance departments, race car professionals and hobbyists, farm operations, contractors and others. Ideal for artists, sculptors, vo-tech and metalwork programs, and much more. They are completely versatile. Set-ups are quick and easy – NO WRENCHES NEEDED!

We offer an affordable solution for precision metal bending. Our Benders are ideal for your factory or job shop.

Need a new machine, or parts or tooling for an existing machine?

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Hossfeld 2 Tube and Pipe Bender

Hossfeld 2STANDARD Bender

Hossfeld 2SHOP Bender