Huth has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of pipe and tube benders around the world for over 50 years. With its equipment and tooling designed and manufactured in Hartford, Wisconsin, we offer a complete line of benders and precision tooling under both the Huth and Ben Pearson name and traditions.

The value of portable, affordable tube and pipe benders was quickly evident when Huth first introduced them. With the increased number and variety of cars on the road in the last 50 years, that need has increased. With a Huth bender, it's not necessary to keep a variety of pre-bent pipes in inventory. With a few sizes of straight tubing on hand, you can quickly bend pipes for thousands of applications. You increase your profit margin and your customers don't have to wait for pre-bent pipes to be delivered.

Over the years, the value of a Huth bender has been realized for many other applications. Each year more and more Huth benders are supplied to businesses from small fabrication shops to full scale manufacturing. The number of products they are used for vary from athletic equipment to fire systems to building frames to motorcycle and ATV parts to railing systems to satellite dish arms – their applications are ENDLESS!

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