JET - Vertical Band Saws

JET offers a full range of machines to fill all your shop needs. Every operation of your project can be trusted to JET. Take a look at all the machines available for Woodworking, Metalworking, Lifting Systems, Air Tools, Warehouse and Dock and Handtools. Reliable, quality engineering and manufacturing goes into each and every JET machine. JET machines are built and tested to tight tolerance standards to insure consistent quality and precision operations.

JET offers a wide range of vertical band saws for your woodworking shop. Ranging from 10" to 20", their vertical band saws are reliable, efficient, and accurate, cut after cut. JET's 14 Inch Woodworking Bandsaw is our newest bandsaw to the JET Woodworking collection. Built with a steel frame, quick release heavy-duty tensioning, a four sided blade guard and a versatile fencing system, this is the perfect bandsaw for your shop! 

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JET 14VBS Vertical Band Saw

JET JWBS-10OS Vertical Band Saw

JET JWBS-14DXPRO Vertical Band Saw

JET JWBS-14OS Vertical Band Saw

JET JWBS-14SF Vertical Band Saw

JET JWBS-16B Vertical Band Saw

JET JWBS-18QT Vertical Band Saw

JET JWBS-20QT Vertical Band Saw