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Established in 1979, Kent CNC Inc. has a long history in the machine tools industry. From our surface grinders roots to the latest range of CNC equipments in grinding, milling, turning, and wire-cut EDM, we continue to offer quality machinery at competitive prices with superior service and support to our customers.We stock a full range of surface grinders, milling machines, CNC knee mills, compact machining centers, lathes, CNC lathes, EDM and CNC wire-cut EDM machines for immediate delivery.

The Kent CNC Horizontal Turning Center line offers a wide selection of rigid and powerful machines for every application. From basic 2-Axis turning to models with Sub Spindle and Live Turret turing, there is a Kent CNC Turning Center to meet your needs. Other specialized models include Teach & Turn Flat Bed CNC models and Big Bore Oil Country CNC turning centers.

Need a new machine, or parts or tooling for an existing machine?

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Kent CHL-2180 CNC CNC Lathe

Kent CSC-1840 CNC CNC Lathe

Kent CSM-1440CNC CNC Lathe

Kent KLR-200 CNC Lathe

Kent KLR-600 CNC Lathe

Kent KLM-200SM CNC Lathe

Kent KLM-300LY CNC Lathe

Kent CMD-33160 CNC Lathe

Kent CMD-98120 CNC Lathe