National Sheet Metal Machine Inc. is a family owned business in Smartt, Tennessee. We have been in business for 36 years as the number one shear and brake manufacturer in North America. Developing and manufacturing the most dependable products on the market has been our goal since 1977. Since we began with one machine, the U4816 hand brake, National has grown to produce a line of thirty quality machines. 

Need a new machine, or parts or tooling for an existing machine?

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National NS216 Shear

National NA5212 Shear

National NH3612 Hydraulic Shear

National NH5210 Hydraulic Shear

National NH7225 Hydraulic Shear

National NH12025 Hydraulic Shear

National NM410 Shear

National NM1014 Shear

National U4816 Brake

National S4816 Brake

National U7216 Box and Pan Brake

National U9616 Box and Pan Brake

National U6-4812 Box and Pan Brake

National U6-12016 Box and Pan Brake

National N9616 Brake

National N14418 Brake

National NR-4816 Roll Former

National NR-7216 Roll Former