The Northfield line of woodworking machinery was established in Northfield, Minnesota, in 1920. Steady growth occurred through the years as the Northfield line became the leader of intermediate and heavy duty woodworking machinery. The Northfield line was the first to adapt hydraulics to woodworking machinery.

The Northfield line of woodworking machinery is currently owned and operated by Northfield Machinery Builders Inc., a diversified manufacturer of custom machinery.

Northfield woodworking machinery is made available from distributors throughout North America and other world markets.

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Northfield HD20 Vertical Band Saw

Northfield HD27 Vertical Band Saw

Northfield HD32 Vertical Band Saw

Northfield HD36 Vertical Band Saw

Northfield HD36D Vertical Band Saw

Northfield 50BD Vertical Band Saw

Northfield PS Shaper

Northfield HDS Shaper

Northfield HDLTS Shaper

Northfield DSS Shaper

Northfield LTDSS Shaper

Northfield 4TS Table Saw

Northfield 4TSR Table Saw

Northfield P18 Planer

Northfield P25 Planer

Northfield P31 Planer

Northfield P37 Planer

Northfield J8 Jointer

Northfield J12 Jointer

Northfield J16 Jointer

Northfield J24 Jointer