PHI-Tulip produces precision tube and pipe benders capable of bending material in diameters from 1/8" up to 8". End finishing applications include tube squaring, beading and deburring. Welding systems are used to fabricate welded structural beams such as are used by the metal building and truck trailer industries.

PHI has a complete line of precision pipe and tube bending machines to handle any bending task. Our tube benders are available as manual and semi-automatic machines. We also have tube benders with programmable digital controls for multiple-axis bending. When you need accurate bending solutions for light-wall tubes or heavy IPS pipes, PHI has the machine and tooling solutions to get the job done. 

Our Model 210 tube bending machine has the capacity to bend tubes that are five inches in diameter to two inches in diameter. This sturdy, versatile machine has excellent mobility. The machine is mounted on casters.

The 246 tube bender can accurately duplicate welded elbows by bending up to 4" schedule 80 pipe to a minimum 2 D centerline radius. Wall thinning is controlled with a pressure die booster that moves the follower die forward reducing drag on the pipe. In addition, a clamp booster forces the pipe into the bend area. Further control over wall thinning is obtained with our infinitely variable speed control for the bend arm.

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