Roper Whitney - Sheetmetal Shears

Roper Whitney was established in 1910 as a manufacturer of sheet metal fabricating machinery, punches and dies, and hand tools. Our manual floor and bench brakes compliment our complete line of CNC operated folders. The Autobrake is offered in numerous lengths and gauges with many different back gauges from 40 inches to 12-foot U and L-Shaped sheet supports. Shears are also offered in manual or powered configurations in a variety of sizes.

Roper Whitney brings together the finest brand names in metal working like PEXTO, Connecticut, and AutoBrake to deliver a complete solution. Based in Rockford, Illinois, Roper Whitney manufactures its products right here in the USA, Quality, dependability, and service brought to you by Roper Whitney, the professional’s choice. Roper Whitney is constantly developing new equipment or improving on our proven designs. If you don’t see what you need on our website please let us know what you are looking for or check back with us from time to time. We are always setting the standard.

Roper Whitney Sheetmetal Shears are the industry's most accurate. Their shears are easy to operate, and offer precise shearing, a long life, and dependability.

Need a new machine, or parts or tooling for an existing machine?

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Roper Whitney 152 Shear

Roper Whitney G52 Shear

Roper Whitney PA452 Shear

Roper Whitney PH452 Hydraulic Shear

Roper Whitney PH52 Hydraulic Shear

Roper Whitney 6M14 Shear

Roper Whitney 10M16 Shear

Roper Whitney 10M14 Shear

Roper Whitney PX610 Shear

Roper Whitney PX1010 Shear

Roper Whitney PX1214 Shear