SOCO - Tube End-Forming Machines

Founded in 1979, SOCO is one of largest manufacturer of CNC machine in worldwide. From establishment of business, SOCO dedicated Circular Sawing Machine ( Cutting Machine ). In order to raise competition, SOCO developed Tube Bending Machine ( Tube Bender ) , Chamfering Machine ( Tube End Finishing and Facing Machine ) and End Forming Machine. As the founder and leader of this industry in Taiwan , SOCO has built its reputation by offering advanced technology and unsurpassed machine performance.

As the leader of CNC machine maker, SOCO has strong experience by building firm partnerships with its partners and customers around the world, Since SOCO always listen from partners, and provided pioneering machine design, functions, extreme quality, customer service and management.


Prices and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

SOCO DEF-FA52 Tube End Former

SOCO DEF-FA90 Tube End Former

SOCO DEF-FA60SS Tube End Former

SOCO EF-AC80 Tube End Former

SOCO EF-AC115U Tube End Former