Tennsmith is your market leader for sheet metal fabricating machinery and metal forming equipment. The Smith family has manufactured metal forming machinery since 1928 and has built an 83-year reputation for quality workmanship, product performance and customer satisfaction. Today, the Smith family continues to build upon nine decades of manufacturing heritage with the most complete line of American made sheet metal machinery on the market. Our metalworking machines include Automatic Folders, Sheet Metal Brakes, Shears, Slip Rolls, Cleat Benders, Notchers and Rotary Machines.

Need a new machine, or parts or tooling for an existing machine?

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Tennsmith MSE616 Shear

Tennsmith MSE1016 Shear

Tennsmith LM410 Shear

Tennsmith LM810 Shear

Tennsmith LM1010-2x Shear

Tennsmith LM1210 Shear

Tennsmith LM1214 Shear

Tennsmith LMS126-14 Shear

Tennsmith 36 Shear

Tennsmith 52 Shear

Tennsmith SK1020 Shear

Tennsmith 36A Hydraulic Shear

Tennsmith 52H Hydraulic Shear

Tennsmith HB73-16 Brake

Tennsmith HB121-18 Brake

Tennsmith HB145-18 Brake

Tennsmith FH818 Brake

Tennsmith FH1016 Brake

Tennsmith U48-22 Brake

Tennsmith S48-22 Brake

Tennsmith HBT48-12 Brake

Tennsmith HBU72-16 Brake

Tennsmith F6-48-12 Brake

Tennsmith F6-120-14 Brake

Tennsmith EBT60-16 Brake

Tennsmith EMB48-18 Brake

Tennsmith SR42 Slip Roll

Tennsmith SR342 Slip Roll

Tennsmith SR48P Slip Roll

Tennsmith 18 Cleat Machine

Tennsmith 30 Cleat Machine

Tennsmith 16-18 Notcher